Kana@Tsuko: The new WebApp to learn and practice Kana!

Today are The day! Kana@Tsuko is open for WWW!!!

Welcome to my new application, this time is a WebApp using the new web languages​​: HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript + jQuery.

Kana@tsuko is a program based on Kana@tsura a Windows application using. Net 2.0, it has long wanted to do that Katsura could be used on various OS, provided with java but I did not get the desired solution, but looking a few days ago I saw a HTML5 TAGs new light and decided to follow … Thanks to that Kana@tsura was born in webapp with a new name Kana@tsuko.

The purpose of this educational program, focused on the practice of Kana. in this application will find two primers hiragana and katakana, both have 48 samples to practice making a total of 96 samples.

The application is based on floating windows (jQuery), a Gnome style menu, a canvas work, a classic palette of colors and options such as undo, export to PNG, brush size option and restart the work canvas.

As extras include links to my Blog, DeviantArt and Pixiv. It also has a small special bottom bar for social networks like twitter, facebook, Google + and others.

I hope you enjoy this application as much as I creating it!


Extra Concept and time line of creation XD

The First idea:

The KanaTsuko Fist view Alpha:

KanaTsuko Fist view Beta:

KanaTsuko Fist view Beta v1:

And Tsuko-tan Alpha y Beta:


Introduce tus datos o haz clic en un icono para iniciar sesión:

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