Special Tributo Steve Jobs.

This entry is dedicated to a bit Steve Jobs.
A few days ago died this genius and visionary of the current technology, in a few days after I saw a news DeviantArt: “Steve Jobs – Community Contest & Tribute” and contribution with my grain of rice.


Se fue todo un visionario de esta época….

That made me create two new PJ based on Mac OS-Tan, OS9 and OSX.
was the first to make OSX was easy because his costume is not very difficult, I made two versions, the classic white tone and the apple of spectrum. And the black mourning clothes with apple and black.

After I started with OS9, this gave me many problems and opening the skirt-shaped face, but after an afternoon with it and finish it and to celebrate this tribute here I leave in DD the HS of the three PJ.

Para Descargar tienen 2 opciones la nueva box: Nekods y la clasica 3dcustom.net.

“Nekods0006″  “XPC03360″ DLKey: custom

[PSW – パスワードは]: SteveJobs


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